About us

TROYES PARC AUTO is a local public business. The city of Troyes is the main shareholder. Its chairman is Mr. Dominique BOISSEAU, deputy mayor of the city of Troyes.

Our job

Parking management: a complex work which is part of a wider dimension of urban displacement and in which TROYES PARC AUTO develops an experience, a savoir-faire and skills for more than 40 years. TROYES PARC AUTO bases its action on strong ethics of the public utility, first concerned about the general interest. It offers a solution of dynamic management, transparent, efficient, in charge in order to be a true development tool at the service of the community.

Our goals

To offer the most appropriate solutions for parking in the town centre, on-street as well as in open car parks and enclosed car parks, in order to make it easier for you to move around so that you can enjoy our beautiful city to the fullest.
To provide you with a range of services, which await you in our various car parks and whose implementation is adapted to the reception possibilities of each equipment

In compliance with our ISO9001 certification, to offer you a top-quality service, 24/24, 7/7, and to be attentive to your comments to keep improving more and more.

The interest of paid parking...

Paid parking is a major tool for implementing an ambitious and efficient travel policy. By setting low parking rates which payment is opportunely monitored, Troyes provides itself with the means to fight against abusive and disrespectful parking in the public space. This approach supports vehicles rotation and so guarantees better access to shops and public facilities for everyone's benefit.

Some numbers

Number of paid parking spots in Troyes

1  592 spots

  • Red zone 775, short-term, recommended for a maximum of 2h, limited to 3h.

  • Orange zone 641, mid-term, recommended for a maximum of 7h30.

  • Yellow zone 176, mid-term duration, long-term for residents.

2 843 spots


  • Les Halles 480
  • Cathédrale 443
  • Hôtel de Ville 385

Aerial car parks

  • Langevin 98

Enclosed surface

  • 14 juillet 290
  • Victor Hugo 464
  • Casimir Périer 120
  • Argence 181
  • Michel Laclos 151
  • Desguerrois 50
  • 3 Seine  125
  • Jules Guesdes  58

Our partners

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