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PIAF, the portable and personal parking meter.



No need to walk up to the parking meter to pay.
PIAF allows you to pay your parking from your vehicule. You do not need cash or cards.
PIAF saves time and helps you move easily.


Only pay for the actual parking time.

  • No need to plan your parking time and to pay a ticket more than needed.
  • It also prevents you from getting a fine ticket for exceeded parking time if ever you come back to your vehicle later than planned.


You only need to push a button to activate the payment.

  • All you have to do is turn the box on, select your zone or your price (if you are an inhabitant or a professional, for example) and put your box on the dashboard under the windscreen.
  • You turn it off when you return, and you are charged for the time spent.

The company fleet offer

PIAF is perfect for fleets and mobile professionals.
Thanks to the PIAF offer "company fleet" ("Flotte d'entreprise"):

  • Your staff no longer wastes time to go and pay at the parking meter.
  • No cash needed for the parking meter, everything is already in PIAF.
  • They are only charged for the exact time they were parked. No need to plan ahead how long you are parking.
  • You prevent your employee from getting fine tickets for exceeded parking time.
  • You can buy parking credit, at one time, for all your PIAF from your office.
  • You have a single invoice and a follow-up of your consumption for all your fleet parking.


What does it cost?

So far, PIAF was sold 25€ all taxes included. The manufacturing and supply difficulties lead us to recommend the PMS application which offers advantages that PIAF still does not have.

When buying PIAF, the city of Troyes subsidises 25€ of parking for each new buyer.
You can recharge your PIAF on the Internet.

  • PIAF offers the possibility to edit the monthly statement.
  • Professionals no longer need to keep the credit card receipts from parking meter, the expense accounts are simplified.