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Stickers or profiles

Inhabitants, commuters, find your advantages.


Prices benefits

  • For the red zone inhabitants: half-fare in the red zone and one-day pass for 2.20€ in the orange zone.
  • For the yellow zone inhabitants: 6.00€/month or 18.00€/quarterly
  • For the commuters: one-day pass for 2.20 € only in the orange zone.

Register your profile (formerly obtain a sticker)

Visit our TROYES PARC AUTO agency, 24 rue Claude Huez, to give us the following proofs of entitlement:

For inhabitants:

  • Two proofs of address (EDF bill, phone bill, residence tax, leasehold, property deed, etc.);
  • Car registration document.

For commuters:

  • A certificate from the employer or a pay slip, professional card or any other document justifying that the beneficiary works permanently in a charged parking zone;
  • Car registration document.

For company cars:

  • A certificate from the employer and the car registration document in the name of the employer or justifying of a renting contract in the name of the employer.

For students:

  • A sworn statement by the vehicle owner certifying that the car is provided to the requester, the car registration document with the same name.


The sticker is now dematerialised. The corresponding profile is saved by TPA to be recognised by every means of payment: parking meter, PMS, and PIAF. The "paper" sticker is no longer needed and so, is not longer given.
Any change of vehicle must be re-applied in order to update the registered profile.

Worth to know

Eligibility for a profile does not constitute, in any case, a booking right or a guaranteed parking spot. Any counterfeiting or fraudulent use of a profile will be prosecuted as such. Eligibility for a profile does not exempt the beneficiary from paying the parking fees established in force, and in compliance with the regulations of the Highway Code and practicable local by-laws.

Whom for?

  • the "inhabitant" is a physical person whose home is located in a charged parking zone where the special "inhabitant" price is established (the red, yellow, and orange zones have a specific inhabitant price).
  • the "commuter" is a physical person who can justify themselves with a permanent job located in a charged parking zone where the special "commuter" price is established.

BEWARE: a profile is associated with no more than one vehicle.